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How Road Shield Works

Type in the plates

Once the officer pulls someone over, all they have to do is enter the drivers Licence Plate number into the RoadShield database using the “RunPlates” page from their dashboard.

Check Road Shield data base

The RoadShield database will verify the licence plate number entered by the officer. 
Once verified, the officer can proceed to send the driver instructions as well as connect with the driver via friendly video call to establish initial communication.

Pull-over & send a ticket directly from a video call

Along with controlling the pullover through a video call, officers now have the ability to issue their tickets digitally and send them directly to drivers via RoadShield app.
This keeps officers out of harms way instead of having to reapproach the drivers vehicle.

All pull-over records in a single place

Designed with a nice dropdown feature giving officers a clear view of all their pull-overs including:
- Location, Time, Date
- Ticket issued
- Video recording of pull-over

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